Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers of the IAH:

Al Salamu Alykum,

My name is Hamsa Aburumuh Mahafza, and I am the Interim/Acting Principal at the Islamic Academy of Huntsville (IAH). I am honored to be appointed to this position, and look forward to working with the IAH’s dedicated staff and parents to provide the best possible educational program for our students. It is my desire to work with all of you to continue the school’s expansion and success.

I am a newcomer to Huntsville, and I am really enjoying the city. I’m deeply committed to the field of education and, particularly, I’m an advocate for Islamic community-based education. In fact, this type of schooling is of one of my area of expertise and interests. I believe this type of schooling can play an influential role in our community; it helps to maintain the Arabic language, the language of Holy Quran, and also to preserve our cultural and Islamic heritage, values, and practices.

One of my goals, as a Principal, is to assert the leadership essential to facilitate an Islamic school environment and to provide quality educational services for each one of our students. In our school, planning, teaching, activities, and assessments should be derived from the diverse needs and learning abilities/styles of each student. We, as the IAH team, will make, Insha’Allah, the possible adjustments to aid students in achieving their academic goals and encourage them to enjoy meaningful learning experiences. While I believe that achieving success in academics is an integral part of the educational process, I also believe that teaching Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies are just as important in developing the “whole” child. I am excited about the potential opportunity we have here, at the IAH, to touch the lives of many children and motivate them intrinsically to develop the love of Islam and its graceful values and principles.

By maintaining effective relationships with staff members, students and their parents, as well as members of our community, I am confident that we can make the IAH a place where our students can continue to learn, shine, and grow academically and spiritually, Insha’Allah. Your feedback, as parents, is crucial so please feel free to stop in, as my door is always open.  If there is anything I can assist you with, please feel free to let me know.

We, at the IAH, appreciate your confidence in us and look forward to working with you and your child


Dr. Hamsa Mahafza

Interim/ Acting Principal, IAH

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