IAH 18th Anniversary and Fundraising Dinner

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
The Islamic Academy of Huntsville (IAH) is very pleased to celebrate its 18th Anniversary in January 2015.
After thanks and gratitude to Allah subhanuh wa ta’ala, we want to thank you
and all individuals who supported the IAH progress and success throughout these years. Our thanks also go to the IAH parents, the IAH staff, and the local Islamic community, as well as to the Huntsville Islamic Center (HIC), for their continued and unwavering support and encouragement. Simply put, the IAH, as an Islamic school, would not have thrived without all of your generous contributions,
may Allah subhanuh wa ta’ala reward each of you the utmost grace.
​All praise to Allah subhanuh wa ta’ala, despite the challenge of being in a relatively small Muslim community, the IAH continues to strive to expand its academic programs. The IAH continues to produce outstanding and well-rounded students both in academics and Islamic studies, alhamdulillah. 
In order to promote a steady growth for the IAH, we need the generosity of individuals like you. Without the assistance of community devoted individuals just like you, we wouldn’t be able to meet our shared goal of continued excellence in education within the unique framework of an Islamic environment at the IAH.
Your continued support and dedication are key elements in the growth of the IAH. 
To celebrate the IAH 18th Anniversary, our BIG day, we cordially invite you to join us for a fund-raising dinner on Saturday January 31, 2015 on the Masjid grounds. Tickets are now on sale and they are available at the IAH main office.
More event details will be available soon.
We look forward to your support to this annual fund-raising event by making a donation to the IAH. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue the IAH mission. May Allah subhanuh wa ta’ala accept your deeds as Sadaqa Jarriyah, Ameen.
Jazakum Allah Khairan!
Dr. Sawsan Alkurabi,
Secretary of Education

Secretary of Education for the Islamic Academy at Huntsville

Dear Parents and Community Members of IAH:

I am humble and honored to have been appointed as your new Secretary of Education for the Islamic Academy at Huntsville.   May Allah SWT guide me and enables me to serve the community, the school, and the students to the best of my ability to have IAH reach its maximum potential.    I strongly believe in Islamic Education and feel that we have a great school with great teachers and staff.    Together, we strive to give Huntsville Islamic Community students who attend IAH a great education, and a strong foundation to prepare them for the challenges that they will face in high school and as they pursue higher education.

I am looking forward to meeting the parents, and I am available for any discussions or concerns.   I urge parents to devote their time and dedication so together we can build a positive, academic, energetic, and disciplined environment at the school for our students.  I will be asking for your help preparing and planning different activities and events for IAH.  You will be getting periodic updates from the Educational Executive Committee about new developments, events, and major decisions for the school as well.   I believe your involvement is critical for the success of our mission.   So please come forward and be active.  I am looking forward working with all of you.

Inshallah, I will be attending the POTLUCK dinner this Saturday,  I urge you to come and join us; and please use this opportunity to introduce your selves, and share your thoughts and ideas about IAH.   May Allah SWT guide us all to serve this community and the school for the best and most Khair.



Dr. Sawsan Alkurabi

Secretary of Education