Library, PE, and Health

Mrs. Afzia Muhammad is our hard-working and pleasant librarian. As a librarian, Mrs. Afzia discusses important topics. Every class period, students read books that match their assigned STAR reading level and take quizzes on the books. Each student checks out books that is of their assigned reading level. Mrs. Afzia reads books to the younger kids to accelerate their reading ability. Her goal is to develop reading habits, improve reading and comprehension skills, and make more well-rounded students that may fit in today’s social standards.

Mrs. Afzia also teaches PE and Health with the assistance of Ms. Basma. She advocates for physical education in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle for each child. She also participates with the children to encourage everyone’s inclusion in the activities such as exercises, stretches, running, as well as fun and active games like basketball, dodgeball, and soccer. Through Mrs. Afzia’s work in PE, students gain knowledge on how to maintain good health by staying active, along with having an enjoyable time off from school work. Balancing school, TV time, good meals, sleeping, and physical activities are important for a child to learn to do early in life. This is what Mrs. Afzia’s and Ms. Basma’s PE class aims to do. The goal of PE is to develop healthy behaviors and positive attitudes that will translate into their later life.