Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Quran

My name is Afzia Muhammad and I am the Islamic studies teacher at IAH. It is a great privilege for me to teach our students. Some of the goals for this class include:

  • Teaching students to strive for excellence in all that they do.
  • Teaching love for Islam by demonstration and through Islamic & Quranic Studies.
  • Teaching the concept of faith by having Hadith of the week, and Duaa of the week.
  • Helping children become confident learners by allowing them to exercise their own ideas while keeping the appropriateness of Islamic Teachings.

Arabic language is taught by Ms. Fatima four times per week where grades 1st through 5th participate in learning Classical Arabic language. Classical Arabic is spoken throughout the class period to maximize the students’ exposure to the language. The class is focused on Arabic reading, grammar, oral conversational and listening skills, Islamic & Quran vocabulary, and its comprehension. Stories and Nasheed songs are used throughout the class as an enjoyable way for students to learn and study Arabic. The objective is for every student to be able to read, write, comprehend, and converse in Arabic at his or her appropriate level. The class is made fun through reading competitions, songs, the use of technology, plays, games, and other activities focused on learning Arabic.

The IAH Quaranic Program is taught by Sheikh Khalifa, Sheikh Ragab and Mrs. Basmah Alrahaw. Emphasis is on the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters. By the time our students complete 6th grade they should have memorized Juza Amaa (Chapter 30). Our goal is for future generations to be able to read and memorize Quran on their own levels as well as understand the basic rules of reciting Quran.