DRAFT: Weather Updates

Weather Alert
How is the decision made?

When the threat of inclement weather exists, the Huntsville and Madison City Schools Weather Safety Team begin the process of making critical decisions for determining school activities. If conditions are deemed hazardous for travel, Huntsville and Madison City Schools will close or delay opening in order to allow weather conditions to improve or be remediated. IAH will be closed or delayed when either city has delays or cancelations. While IAH physically is located in Huntsville, most of our students travel from Madison and beyond. If schools are dismissed early or cancelled for inclement weather, all after-school activities and events will be cancelled as well.

Method of Notification

Once a decision for cancellation, delay, or early dismissal is made, it will be communicated to staff via text and phone, and to parents through email, Class Dojo, and phone. There will be an updated announcement on the website as well.